Indy buyback program from the open markets

Even after being the number 1 TVL protocol on the Cardano chain, Indy token fails to attract buying pressure in the open market. The main reason for that is high token inflation for staking rewards is roughly about 25%+ at the current rate and over and above that there is no buy side pressure for the Indy token.
High token inflation is the only reason which makes Indy token undesirable, if we take Indy staking in consideration and talk in terms of numbers and consider that only 35% of the total token inflation goes to sell side then it is about 2,500,000 ada worth of incremental sell pressure each year( team token allocation is over and above that).
Indy is the token of the Ecosystem which needs to reflect the true value which is created by the protocol, token price appreciation will boost the rewards and increase the TVL,
when i am talking about Indy price, i am not making any pump my bags arguments.
What i propose is to use 50% the ada rewards which are distributed to stability pools and Indy stakers to be used for buying Indy tokens from the open markets and then distribute the same to the stakers in the form of INDY tokens.
If we use 50% of the ada rewards to buy back INDY tokens from the open market then according to my rough calculations it will create about 1,500,000-2,000,000 ada worth of buying pressure each year, at current price it will cut the incremental sell pressure by 60-80%.
My proposal does not cut any rewards of any stakers or propose any tinkering in the token release schedule, all it does is that it sends a clear massage to the markets that Token inflation issue is been taken care of through the buyback program.


Making the link with some discussions about CDP variable rates, I have mentioned that it may be of interest to assign a cost to the duration of an open CDP (can be a predefined fix rate).

What is the link with the current topic? Well, could we think about additional utility for Indy such as a discount on such rate? I.e reducing the cost to maintain a CDP over time …