Indy Airdrop Calculation

I looked in the forum and discord but didn’t find any answers on how the airdrop is calculated. Am I right that it depends on the roles? But then I don’t understand how it can be that some 50.2 Indy. But others like me get 5 Indy on the same reels. Or were there other criteria that were not related to the roles
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It wasn’t based on Discord roles, it was based on activities as described in the Indigo paper. The amounts differ slightly from the Indigo paper because when we went to distribute the airdrop we noticed a couple invalid and/or duplicate addresses and they were removed, thus the amount increased from ~49.9 to ~50.2.


Everyone should have gotten 5 indy in the first drop… you guy removed active users who contributed to the ecosystem and then claim it’s a script that did it! So to me you claim it’s a community distribution but yet the team is stoping community members claiming airdrop that they did the work for. This. Shows centralisation by restricting genuine people from the airdrop while others has got multiple accounts and have 3000 indy

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I would like to know, why I’m disqualified for the 50.2 Indy Airdrop. I am active in discord, have only one account and I am no bot. I’m not as much writing than other yes. I am no English nativ speaker. I understand what I read but I’m not good in writing. And only spaming couldn’t be the sense

what makes a address invalid? I connected one walletadress at the quiz, and after the decentralizer post I resetet the quiz and give my adress with a cardana single pool delegation. This shouldn’t be the reason for invalidity

As per the Indigo paper:

Addresses deemed to be suspicious or fraudulent were removed

and why should my adress be suspicious or fraudulent? I haven’t made some tricks or illegal activity. I’m only a follower of indigo since nearly a year

I don’t know. I don’t have insight into your situation.

Come on guys. You are fighting over a free airdrop of 50 tokens? Just DCA buy on minswap and hold for the long term. There shouldn’t be a feeling of entitlement for free tokens. EVER!

I’m sure the team did the best that they could and it’s time to move on to more productive discussions regarding the future of the project.