Indigo Treasuri Easy1

Today the treasury officially produces income in ADA, I would say that it is time to vote to delegate so as not to lose other epochs

Indigo V2 is fast approaching and, with its arrival, the DAO will finally unlock the treasury and effectively become a VC on Cardano thanks to its 4.5m INDY currently valued at approximately 18m ADA.

The new system of Interest on iAssets will produce a stream of income in ADA to the treasury.
The Protocol Working Group (PWG) is already doing an exceptional job in ensuring that this influx of ADA brings additional value and liquidity to our iAssets.

In periods of high volatility or uncertainty it might make sense to mitigate risk and let the treasury grow while waiting for the right opportunity to invest. A safe and low risk investment opportunity for the ADA held in the treasury is to delegate them to a Stake Pool and enjoy native liquid protocol native rewards. Currently such rewards sit at about 3% a year and require no locking time, making this, possibly, the safest investment of the ADA in the treasury.

This proposal is aimed at delegating the treasury ADAs to a community pool run by a Single Stake Pool Operator.

My proposal would be to delegate this amount to the EASY1 Stake Pool.

The EASY1 Stake Pool is managed by Giovanni (X/Twitter: a Senior Software Engineer and active community member on both socials and technical forums (User Giovanni G - Cardano Stack Exchange).

Some numbers about the EASY1 Stake Pool:
● Registered on October 20th 2020
● 200k Ada Pledge
● 170 Ada Fixed Cost and no more than 1% Margin
● Over 2000 minted blocks
● 3.5 years of operations
● 1.1 million ada as all time rewards
● Leader logs published on

About the SPO
Giovanni is a senior Developer and Single Stake Pool Operator. He has contributed to several Open Source project like:
GitHub - bloxbean/cardano-client-lib: Cardano client library in Java
GitHub - bloxbean/yaci: A Cardano Mini Protocols implementation in Java
GitHub - easy1staking-com/fluidtokens-bot

Giovanni owns and runs the largest Cardano news aggregation website for the Italian community.

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I’m for this. In the long run, after passing a certain threshold of ada generated, I think it’d be good to stake to multiple SPO at once.


Again, ok on the principle, but do not understand why the staking is not split between 2 or 3 SPO having similar profile… why all on easy1? Is there a link between protocol guys and This specific SPO which should be disclosed? If it is the driver for selection on top of SPO quality, I am fine to go with it … but without knowing it, I do not understand the rationale for selecting it…


The DAO wallet has barely over 100 ada at the moment… splitting it is absolutely the play as it grows, but for now it makes no sense.

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Thanks for drawing attention to this… I did not realize it. Indeed, it makes no sense for such amount…here we go

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In addition to there being few ADA, I currently imagine a very active DAO in spending/investing the collected ADA, I do not foresee large amounts of fixed ADA in the treasury