Indigo Simulator Wallet

Would be cool to see a simulator option. To be able to create a Hypothetical Wallet with millions of “practice” ADA.
This way you can exercise minting and burning and seeing what happens if you mint then swap and deposit, or any of the various maneuvers.

+To see projected rewards if placed in a liquidity pool or swapped with indy and staked etc…and to also be able to practice depositing the Iasset, claiming rewards and the rest.

+To be able to also stress test market quakes. for example: If ADA goes down X% and IETH goes up X%, where do I stand?

This “dummy wallet” would need to be right in the homepage, without the need for connecting a true wallet/launching the app.

Users will also be better prepared for different market scenarios and setting expectations on risk and reward before using their own assets. It also is an open gate for any new user without the need to commit or take extra steps to experience Indigo.

You can do that already at (just be sure your wallet is connected at Preview network)


cool the testnet. is the testnet token price real time ?

Yeah as far as I could remember (it’s been a while I don’t interact with the testnet)