Indigo Protocol Working Group - Additional Nomination

The PWG at Indigo has been busy collaborating with LABs and the community and as such it’s important to keep the momentum going. This temp check is to nominate and recognize people in the community that would be a good fit for helping the Protocol grow and mature.

As a recap, here are some of the characteristics of a qualified PWG candidate. Not limited to this of course.

PWG members “should” be

  • [ ] DAO members.
  • [ ] Active users of the protocol, discord and governance forum.
  • [ ] have a longterm interest in the success of the protocol.

What PWG does

  • [ ] Collaborates with Labs on behalf of the DAO.
  • [ ] Ideate protocol improvements
  • [ ] Write TempCheck Proposals
  • [ ] Offer constructive criticism

PWG candidates “typically”

  • [ ] Are Defi enthusiasts
  • [ ] UI/UX advisors/critics
  • [ ] Problem solvers
  • [ ] Critical thinkers
  • [ ] Patient AF

With this in mind the PWG is nominating Nyorok for his dedication to the platform. Nyorok has developed Indigo Insights which can be viewed here:

As the protocol grows we are grateful for members like this and would like to discuss and invite him to PWG. Please leave all comments below and thank you!


That would be a fantastic addition (if he’s willing to join PWG and is ok with the nomination) and a natural fit for the PWG.


I would be very grateful to join the PWG, I believe I can collaborate with Labs and PWG members to help indigo to grow in a healthy way!


Nyo has already proven out his passion for Indigo and willingness to push the community and protocol further. If elected to the PWG, I have a great deal of confidence he’ll continue to deliver and make a positive impact. He has my support on this proposal


He is a very helpful person, and have great knowledge to add to the community, i hope he gets this role!