Indigo Protocol Trading and Yield Strategies

I’d love to hear from the Third Eye Tribe about other trading and yield strategies that you’re going to be using once the protocol is live

A. Long

  1. Buy iETH from a Danaswap
  2. Deposit iETH to a stability pool to earn INDY
  3. Stake INDY to earn INDY
  4. If the price of ETH rises pm increases cr decreases. If cr < MCR, then collateral debt positions in the iETH pool are liquidated
  5. Your iETH is burned and you receive the liquidated collateral

B. Short

  1. Mint iDOT using dUSD for collateral
  2. Sell iDOT on Danaswap for dUSD
  3. Buy the same amount of iDOT back with dUSD at a lower price
  4. Deposit iDOT back into Indigo to unlock your collateral

C. Stablecoin

  1. Mint iUSDC with dUSD as collateral
  2. Deposit iUSDC to a stability pool to earn INDY
  3. Stake INDY to earn INDY

For me it’s option C first and then Option A.


I will be starting with C for the sake of price changes while I experiment with it, unless we are able to do testnet first. If we have testnet, then I will do B. If we do not get testnet then C followed by A but using different iAssets then start messing with B. Stablecoins will be safest if we are in the process of learning the protocol in my opinion.


Option A looks good to me, I’ll be exploring similar options with iBTC and a few others when available


Same here, for me the smartest move


Great options. For the option C though, thrte will be many yield earning oppurtunities for dusd as well so you have to seeif you can get more yieldfrom dusd or from iUSDC. Also keep in mind that if the collateral is 150% then you will get less iUSDC for dUSD


We can also expect to get less liquidations in the iUSDC stability pool. It’s an easy way to farm INDY without worrying about losing your collateral.


Hopefully a testnet for those of us who are a few fries short of a Happy Meal!


C for me too I think - at least initially. I’m really looking forward to see how this whole thing looks and works when the project goes live and, while I think I’ll be keeping things simple to begin with, I’m very interested in exploring a variety of options.

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