Indigo + Meld. Would this make a good partnership?

Hey there Third Eye Tribe,

Now I’m not sure I’m missing something but, I think that a partnership between Indigo and Meld would have some great synergy. Create an iAssset, leverage it into a fiat loan for a house car etc. I’m thinking, if you could create an iAsset for a commodity like Aluminum, copper, coffee or soy which is relatively stable, you could then use that I asset in Meld, for a loan.

I would love the community’s thoughts on this.


I like the idea, but with times as they are, Im not sure if any assests are stable.


A lot of MELD liquidity is locked up for quite some time now I would guess. Not sure if that plays a role but maybe…


Sure, but even with the lock up of liquidity, I would love to see the two teams work together toward the eventuality of using iAssets on Meld once the two platforms have fully launched.

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Don’t forget the partnership with coti.

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A fantastic move as well!

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Here here I like the idea… I see the vision

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wonder what INDIGO could do with MELDs gold backed dollar stablecoin?


I like where your heads at.

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What a great idea! I would love to borrow fiat using iAssets!