Indigo Initial Launch

  1. I am wondering if we know exactly which iAssets will be available directly at launch. Like a complete list as of right now in time.

  2. what all will be allowed for collateral. dUSD, ADA, … ?

  3. will more be added by the time we get to Q3 or whenever launch takes place?

  1. The list of supported iAssets at launch has not been finalized yet
  2. At launch, ADA will be allowed to be used as collateral
  3. More features and capabilities will be added in the future

Thank you very much for the reply, I really appreciate that.


i posted the same question on the discord and the first hints i got from the team is iBTC to be among the first synthetic assets. just sharing what i heard :slight_smile:


Will also be synthetics of stocks?


there could be, and this has been done before. research Mirror Protocol under Terra

I think dUSD could be used as collateral in the future.

@dv68 any chance, is this related to the Terra that was mentioned here?

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Hi, no the terra I mentioned is a very old idea of a world currency. Terra Blockchain is a totally different thing. They just share the name. @luisaaagam

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…and most certainly djed!

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Exists the ERC20 Token called SNX that already has it if I’m correct

Was wondering the same😄

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Looking forward to see rest of the assets

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For real bro, me as well

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It would be great if dUSD can be used as collateral.

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or any stable coin that is available at the time of launch