Indigo Growth Program (IGP)

Indigo Growth Program (IGP)

AlphaGrowth is proposing to run a program for the Indigo DAO dedicated to the growth and marketing of the Indigo Protocol and brand. This Temperature Check is intended to begin the dialogue around the growth of Indigo Protocol. Here we’ll propose a game plan that consists of several initiatives. To get objective feedback from the community on each initiative, we will put up a poll in the coming weeks. From there, we will push a proposal on chain. In the meantime, please join us to discuss Indigo growth on the upcoming community call!

As the largest DeFi protocol (by TVL) in the Cardano ecosystem, we believe that Indigo has the potential to continue trailblazing Cardano DeFi. For a decentralized protocol, growth and marketing can be difficult to initiate, and even harder to execute on. That’s where we come in. AlphaGrowth has served as a growth, marketing, and business development arm of numerous protocols and ecosystems including Compound.Finance, Collab.Land, NEAR, Kava and several others. We’ve been operating in the space professionally since 2018, and degenerately since 2013.

The AlphaGrowth Resume
We’ve supported dozens of partners through the years, but here are some of the AlphaGrowth team’s biggest wins:

Aurora - Brought nearly 40 projects and dozens of DeFi utilities.
Somelier.Finance - Ran their go-to-market, designed mechanics of token launch, market cap peaked at 2.6B
NEAR - Ran their go to market, onboarded over 4 million people through a viral loop
Kava - Brought over 80 DeFi protocols to their ecosystem, totalling more than 100MM in TVL
Collab.Land - Currently running marketing for their new SocialFi product, managing DeFi operations for their treasury
Compound.Finance - Currently running growth and marketing, bringing new assets, liquidity, and DeFi integrations

We are here today to execute on a game plan that aims to move 3 needles: INDY market cap, TVL on Indigo, and the number of CDPs on Indigo. Our plan includes the parallel execution of the following 8 initiatives:


  1. Narrative and Education - Refining the messaging around the value and utility of iAssets, relaying how to use synthetics/CDPs efficiently, and simplifying financial concepts involved in interacting with Indigo Protocol. This is a necessary step towards any marketing or outbound business development efforts.

  2. Twitter Ads and KOL Promotion - Bringing iAsset / Indigo narratives and opportunities to the masses via twitter engagement and KOL/influencer promotion. AlphaGrowth has the ability to activate a network of more than 100 DeFi KOLs with audiences across the globe and the ecosystem.

  3. Blockchain-Ads and Collab.Land surfaces - Two of our partners offer targeted campaigns to specific wallet profiles. This strategy enables us to share opportunities on Indigo Protocol, for example, with wallets that hold ADA. This method offers a much higher conversion rate compared to traditional web2 marketing.

Growth, Business Development, and DeFi Operations

  1. DeFi Partnerships - Facilitating announcement-worthy partnerships with new assets and DeFi protocols. This includes, but is not limited to, sourcing hot new iAssets.

  2. Grants - We will work with Cardano Foundation and the next season of Catalyst to source milestone grants / supportive incentives for Indigo as an entry point into the Cardano DeFi Ecosystem. Over the past several years, AlphaGrowth has helped source millions of dollars in grants to dozens of protocols.

  3. Incentive Program - Designing and executing an Indigo-specific liquidity / CDP incentive program to bring users, liquidity and attention to the protocol and its value proposition. AlphaGrowth played a crucial role in the execution of a partner ecosystem’s liquidity incentive program that led to an influx of over $100MM in TVL.

  4. Revenue and Exposure for INDY - Bridging and Pooling INDY token onto DEXes throughout various ecosystems with our 15+ non-Cardano DEX partners in order to bring more awareness and availability to Indigo and to earn revenue for the Treasury . Since liquidity is at a premium, non-Cardano DEXes are incentivizing and promoting the placement of non-native tokens. This initiative is twofold beneficial; it earns revenue for the DAO, and puts INDY in front of more eyeballs.

  5. Improving the DeFi Utility and Optionality of INDY - This involves strategically giving INDY more utility and bringing it to new markets within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. This initiative includes CEX listings, lending and borrowing markets, derivatives, options, perpetuals, etc. The more things there are to do with the INDY token, the more that people will want it.

This outline serves as a temperature check of the Indigo DAO’s interest in the growth, marketing and brand acceleration of Indigo Protocol. We welcome (and encourage) any and all questions, comments, and concerns from the community. In the coming days, we will be co-hosting a Twitter Spaces AMA to discuss the Indigo Growth Program. Hold onto your bulls!


Yes, yes, and yes. Looking forward to hearing more about the details in the community call.


So far so good. Will form a more concrete opinion after the AMA.


Sounds like a good thing. I am interested to hear more!


Definitely open to hearing more


Will there be a cost associated to the DAO for this as I didn’t see any mention of that. Looking forward to the AMA and learning more but looks pretty nice.


Nice marketing that gives Indigo visibity I think will always be welcome


Sounds like a good idea! Thanks for proposing :slight_smile:
My only comment is that a proposal has been submitted for DOA approval recently for POG (protocol Outreach Group). I understand that both proposal may have synergies but I would suggest to include some reporting in the use of funds on existing initiatives and contextualize any new one as part of the broader marketing strategy… on my view, this will strengthen the perception of transparency…
This could be equally shared as part of a yearly report while moving forward…