If Indigo is the stable coin killer, what role does Djed play in the post-launch future?

Is it simply a matter of more options and variety?
Why would users mint iDjed/iUSDT/iUSDC at 150% collateral when they could simply buy Djed at only 100%?

What makes owning iDjed beneficial over simply owning Djed?


Interesting question for sure. I don’t see why there would be a reason to mint any i stablecoin. Isn’t the point to get exposure to the price action of the original asset?? Maybe I’m completely off base, but it would seem moot to me to mint an iasset of something that’s value doesn’t fluctuate. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’m really trying to get a good handle on as much of this project as possible before launch.


I don’t believe anyone is claiming Indigo is the stablecoin killer. We’ve talked about Djed extensively in the past and how important it is not only for Cardano but the entire crypto industry. Djed is very promising which is why we’ve partnered with its creator, Coti.

You could buy iUSDC for the same price as Djed. You don’t have to mint it. If your goal is only to store stable value then it doesn’t matter whether you use a stable iAsset or a stablecoin, another synthetic stablecoin from a protocol like Ardana or Djed or a wrapped centralized stablecoin like USDC. It’s a matter of preference.


Thanks @defiroose. I do get how important Djed will for the ecosystem and crypto in general. My topic was simply a response to comment on Big Pey’s video from DC (Indigo PROTOCOL + Cardano AIRDROP UPDATE with Founder & Co-Founder Dewayne Cameron & Eric Coley - YouTube ) where he specifically say “stable coin killer” twice.

Are there more benefits to iStablecoin stability providers and iStablecoin LP stakers then to users who simply buy Djed (or some other stablecoin)? Or is there no net benefit either way?


But a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar does fluctuate - with everything other than the US dollar!


I haven’t watched the video so I’m not exactly sure what’s being referenced. Indigo can create any type of synthetic assets, not just stablecoins. The advantage of Indigo over Djed is Djed creates only a single synthetic. There’s no limit to the number of synthetics Indigo can create.