iAssets and West Indian Investors

Are there any folks in the space located in the Caribbean region? I would love to hear what you all think about Indigo and how the protocol can be utilized by individuals/entities within the region.


Iā€™m excited for the global adaption of DIDs which will enable West Indians to participate in the Defi systems which are designed to have global impact. Caribbean native residents have suffered by not being able to invest in global markets such as conventional stock markets etc due to lack of regulation in the region. One of the major concerns that exist is in regards to identifying individuals and verifying such identity. The Caribbean region has been a hotbed for all kinds of bad actors in the past and such has created a counter productive financial system in my opinion one (financial system) that can benefit significantly from the immutable Cardano blockchain. Investment protocols like indigo coupled with properly issued DIDs will be great for the Caribbean region and blockchain growth in general.


Yes - there will hopefully be access to all kinds of financial opportunities, including investing, loaning, borrowing, etc, for hundreds of millions of people who had no prior access. Good luck on your journey!


Thank you Tony, I wish you the best in your endeavors as well.