iAsset Proposal: iLINK

Chainlink is the most well known decentralized blockchain oracle network built on Ethereum. It aims to facilitate the transfer of tamper-proof data from off-chain sources to on-chain smart contracts. It allows to evaluate whether the parameters of a smart contract are met in a manner independent from any of the contract’s stakeholders by connecting the contract directly to real-world data, events, payments, and other inputs.

Although a relatively new token, LINK was historically performing strong during the bear market while relatively weak during the bull. Traders often consider it a good asset in their portfolio due to this balancing aspect (NFA). Since the vital role of Chainlink in providing the means essential for Web 3, including iLINK as the 4th iAsset could be a great way forward.

Currently Chainlink is the actual oracle providing price feeds for iAssets in general, thus obtaining iLINK price feed from Chainlink should be OK. The main questions for the discussion and hopefully following poll would be whether we have sufficient number of interested users in the iLINK asset and whether this is a good timing for its introduction considering the potential available liquidity. Please bear in mind that iETH will come on 24th Dec. This Temp Check will last several days, then Poll, then voting, potential launch soonest in January.


as much as i would love to add more synthetic tokens, but a this point of time… we need to wait for our TVL to increase to a certain point where it is ideal for us to add in more synthetic assets. we shall wait and see how the performance after adding IETH. cheers!


Let´s forget about the timing. The question is if there is even enought traction for the asset. From the amount of reactions it seems like not much :frowning: Hopefully we can revive this at some point later in the new year.

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I think iLINK would be interesting, especially if they do eventually decide to come to Cardano. Other Cardano-native Oracle solutions may have more popularity on Cardano though, such as Charli3 and Orcfax. The current C3 market cap is low, so if we use that as a signal of interest then we’re probably not ready yet for another Oracle-related token on Cardano.