iAsset lobbying from those in developing nations

My wording is probably not the greatest. But I was imagining how a lot of Cardano is about bringing financial services to those in developing nations. Indigo and Cardano are open platforms, so anyone can come on and mint iAssets if they have he funds, but many in developing nations might not be able to afford minting assets they would be interested in having on Indigo.

For a situation like that, what would be the best meeting place for a union of people wanting to make a request from those who can to mint an iAsset? If there was enough interest to create a marketplace I assume someone would be willing to do the minting seeing the interest and assurance that people will buy the asset and the minter will earn fees.


Anybody who owns at least 25 INDY can submit a proposal to list a new iAsset. If the community votes for the iAsset then it can be added into the protocol. There are profit incentives for minting an iAsset and staking it. A new iAsset also has higher yield compared to matured iAssets. Thus the iAsset will attract investors to lock up collateral to mint the iAsset to make it tradeable. These investors can be from anywhere.

iAsset lobbying will be unnecessary because the protocol is being designed with market dynamics in mind.


There could easily be people in developing nations who can’t afford 25 INDY to submit a proposal. Those people would need to ask someone else to do it. Someone else wouldn’t want to do it unless there was enough interest in the new asset so that they have confidence the proposal would go through and they wouldn’t waste their own INDY tokens. I think it still stands that someone people would not be able to afford the 25 INDY to make their own proposal. If I’m missing something still let me know.


The proposal deposit is adjustable. The profit incentive of listing iAssets will drive interested parties to make proposals. If investors from a developed nation see an opportunity to offer iAssets in a developing nation then the protocol incentivizes them to take advantage of that opportunity.


If investors from a developed nation see an opportunity to offer iAssets in a developing nation

Right so my point was lobbying so that investors can see that there is an opportunity. Otherwise they might not know that there is an opportunity.

If a village of people want to buy banana stocks which are priced at $3 per stock. And each member of the village has $500 each to invest. But to make a proposal is 25 INDY valued at 55 ADA per INDY, the cost of the proposal is more than any member of the village can afford. And they are interested in the banana stock not in managing an iAsset pool because they’re going to be mainstream users of crypto that don’t care how things work in the backend.

So there is interest from some village that would not make an iAsset pool themselves, how do the investors that would make a iAsset pool that you’re referring to come to know that this village exists and has interest? Where do the village people make their voice heard.

They could come to a forum like this, but since it is mixed with technicals and other discussions I was imagining there could instead be a dedicated web portal for mainstream people to make their case. It’s important to know I’m imagining this kind of scenario where Indigo and Cardano is already widely used by people that know nothing about crypto except a friendly UI for a mainstream service.


Don’t take the 25 INDY for a proposal too seriously. It’s merely a placeholder, not an official number. If INDY costs 55 ADA then most likely much less than 25 INDY will be required for submitting a proposal.

I do see value in what you’re suggesting. Perhaps there other other ways we can accomplish this. Anybody can submit proposals and polls for free in this forum. We could have polls to determine interest of particular iAssets. If a poll reaches a certain threshold then it can be featured on the front page. So if a whole village of people wanted to group together to vote on a particular iAsset they could and it’ll get the attention of investors.