iAsset Hybrid Asset Inquiry

Would it be possible to mint an iAsset functioning a percentage of the derivative contract for lending such as credit default swap while the remaining flexible percentage could either be a mix of different stock credits pre-bought to the remainder to function as collateral for the credit default, equal to the value of the different assets from the borrower’s collateral selected on the time of minting?

To put in perspective, I lend someone $10,000. If he/she defaults then I get the collateral asset where the percentage of what I’ve selected was traded at the time of minting so instead of just having the collateral X upon default, i can receive collaterals X, Y, and Z seeming like I longed 3 assets without the borrower putting assets Y and Z as collaterals.


I’m confused by your question. Can you elaborate more on what you’re looking for or what you’re trying to accomplish?


Reading this I thought that my English is very poor. Lol. But on serious note, I am not able to understand the question.


I don’t understand this question too.


…huh…Went way over my head.

Please re-open with a more clear explanation of the topic of question