I asset pricing oracle question

Does anybody know why it is the price of iBTC generally rests about $3000 above the price of BTC at any given time?

Maybe you are confusing the oracle price (ADA/BTC) with the dex price (ADA/iBTC). The oracle price used to mint iBTC within Indigo (and the one that counts towards your CDP collateral ratio) is always around the “real” value of BTC.

The 3k difference you see is in dex prices. Basically this is due to demand/supply forces. There are a few people willing to mint iBTC and a lot of people willing to buy. So demand is clearly bigger than actual supply and thus the price is always higher. But usually not higher than 10% as this allow some people to mint iBTC and sell it right away to get a quick profit even if they are liquidated.

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