How to ensure that people participating in the DAO have the understanding of the protocol to take decisions?

It’s frustrating at times not to understand how NFTs are “minted”, how they will work, or if I will ever enjoy their utilization.
I have some on a Yoroi wallet and have no idea how to view them or move them to a wallet that will show them as more than a meaningless series of letters and numbers.

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Yoroi is arguably the worst wallet on Cardano network. I suggest you restore it in Eternl or Nami. Among other things, both of these UIs have a tab where you can visually check your FTs and NFTs.

Another more simple way to see your NFTs is to copy your wallet’s receiving address or staking address in the search on

Great idea, but my assumption is the majority of people won’t put in the effort to learn the in’s and out’s of a protocol. To be honest, I have a difficult time keeping up with all the projects I support. And I’m already limiting myself to an x amount of projects/chains.

I think we will have to see how governance evolves.

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