How to Become a Liquidator

Does anyone have any information on how someone would be able to participate in on chain Indigo liquidations? I am interested in pursuing this but was unable to find any clear direction in the technical documentation, so figured it was worth asking the forum. If anyone can help me get started on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m specifically interested in being a liquidator of iUSD and iBTC (soon iETH) CDP’s just to be clear on what I’m asking. Thanks for any direction! Beyond providing in the Stability Pool, is there any direct way to participate in these liquidations or are they handled at the protocol level?

EDIT: To rephrase. My Primary question is this. Once someones CR drops to 109% or lower, does the protocol take care of the liquidations automatically? Or is there some way that any Indigo user can participate in that liquidation directly once it drops below MCR of 110%

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Undercollateralized CDPs are automatically liquidated. To take part in the process you can stake to Stability Pools.

Thanks for answering clearly. My main question was exactly that. Feel free to lock the thread if you’d like. That’s exactly how I understood it, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an opportunity to participate in a more involved way with the liquidations.

I look forward to discussions with you in the future. I love the protocol and care very much about future success/direction. Thanks again for your time.