Hacked by Berry Pool

Dear Moderator,

Yesterday I got hacked by Berry Pool Hack. Received a NFT which drained my wallet, everything was lost except staked positions.

I have Indy and IUSD staked. I want to withdraw some Indy to check if my wallet is still compromised but I am not able to unlock my staked Indy. I get two different errors:

  1. Too many users are trying, and
  2. findStakingPosition, could not find: (TransactionInput { index: 0u, transactionId: (TransactionHash (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “cfe516b21e3451d8535c08b08721c3c8c781901dd27352811b7a1e4d3a011341”)) })

Could you please help me. I’m afraid that when I lock the Indy I receive a NFT, and that that NFT has been sent to the hacker as well. Could someone please help me?


[EDIT] After retrying multiple times suddenly it went through and received the Indy in my wallet. So it works and this topic can be closed. Thank you.