Governance Moderator Proposal - Temp Check

Hi fellow Indigo community members, it has been quite an amazing journey for the Indigo community and also the Cardano community at large and words cannot quantify how excited I am as a Cardano community Member and as Indigo DAO Member seeing the protocol live amidst this much development difficulty and such unfavorable market condition. The Team has proven to us their diligence and capability by upholding the vision. This been said, I want to use this opportunity to formally present to the DAO my interest for the role of Indigo DAO Governance Moderator. With the protocol at its growth stage, I understand the need for supporting the Indigo foundation and the Indigo DAO with educational contents about protocol usage, answering community questions, providing DAO specific guidelines and entirely upholding all duties as enshrined in the Indigo’s constitution, Laws and procedures. During the past few months, I got myself a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Indigo Paper, the goals, tech behind it and the long-term offers of the protocol which has afforded me the knowledge and understanding to answer questions of both new and old community members. I have been an active member promoting the protocol on Twitter with educational contents and also created articles about Indigo. Finally, I have experience with moderating communities within and outside of Cardano some of which include community Ambassador for Astarter DEFI Hub on Cardano, Community Contributor at Smart Places Protocol, Osmium DAO Founder (still at infancy), Active Catalyst Community Member. I am putting this proposal out to the community for evaluation and temp check.


My vote will surely be for you…:heart: