Gaining from the depreciation of an asset

Good morning investors. I m posting today to see how the community feels about the idea to invest in a reverse correlated iasset. In few words , to be able to buy an iasset for it s depreciation and not only its appreciation. Could be a kind of iadaDOWN or a iadaUP. sorry to drop you another poll but i believe it s the quickest way to have a feel about an idea and if you want to talk more about about it, drop a line. thx for your participation :+1:

  • that s really interesting
  • i m just bullish
  • cant see the point

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iAsset in itself is going short on that asset but for that you have to mint that iAsset. If you are simply buying an iAsset then you are going long. I think what you are suggesting is really a great way to provide reverse oppurtunities to both sides. People can mint it to go long on the underlying Asset while other investors can simply buy it on DEXs to go short on it.

it does bring more complexity and options in an investor’s strategy.

Can’t people just short or long based on buying the iAsset or getting into Stability pools?

I thought buying the iAsset and providing liquidity in the stability pools were the opposing financial actions of one another.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have it but I don’t see the point.

Can you elaborate on this?

hi mate. i think @diwalost has a great view on it in Gaining from the depreciation of an asset - #2 by diwalost
ps: sorry for the late reply.

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It’s just basically shorting, innit? :thinking:

from a ux, if there si the reverse people can long and short just by the dex!