Finding the Most Stable Asset

I have been looking for the most stable assets to replace the USD. In this I will discuss what I have learned in my search.

Concept of Stability:
All assets on the market have a price. All things in the world, have a price. I always tell people that USD is not backed by anything but the US military. What that means for us in the investing world is that all assets are ripples in a pond. That each asset price is determined by what is going on in the pond. The reason I bring this up. Is because there is no true stable asset. Food prices are always changing, oil, metals, electronics, and other assets change depending on demand.

Most Stable Assets:
I have seen users make the argument for iGOLD and iSilver as a stable asset. I do agree we need something like this. However, I do understand they are not as stable as people think they are.

Source: Gold Price Chart, Live Spot Gold Rates, Gold Price Per Ounce/Gram | BullionVault

If you look at this chart you can see the price changes. If you understand economic history you can see why the prices changed in gold. In 2011 you had a high of around $1800 an oz and then dipped to around $1100 an oz in 2016. I can make an argument that there may be a correction coming. The issue with making that statement is the changes in inflation.

What iAssets is Best:
I honestly think the best assets to trade is anything that will be worth a fortune in the future. Lithium is a huge mineral due to the demand of batteries in EVs. Oil is great for trading because it will be needed by the world to fuel every economy. Even if all cars become EVs. The US cannot sustain the grid without fossil fuels. Battery technology Is not far enough ahead yet to hold a city worth of power. Not even a house worth without spending $10,000 dollars or more.

If we make proposals for assets. We need to look at the long-term value. I think all precious metals should be listed in my opinion. The reason is because even if the US government failed. Metals are still needed for all electronics and weapons in the world. If the argument against that is “what about plastic”. Plastic is made from oil. With that being said please, let me know about your opinion.