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Can I purchase INDY tokens now?
INDY tokens will be available after Indigo launches.

Where is INDY value derived from and what’s the reason for holding?

  • Create new proposals
  • Vote on existing proposals
  • Earn a portion of Indigo’s revenue via staking

More value incentives will be added and developed in future versions of the Indigo Protocol.

Indigo believes in a "Fair Launch” process. There’ll be no presale or method to purchase INDY before Indigo is launched. You can learn more about Indigo’s Fair Launch process here: Indigo Protocol Tokenomics and Fair Launch

Is there a minimum amount of INDY coins I will need to stake or vote?

No, there’s no minimum amount of INDY that you’ll need to stake or vote.

Is there a minimum INDY to create a governance proposal?

Yes, there’s a minimum required amount of 25 INDY to create a proposal. If the proposal passes, you receive that INDY back. If it doesn’t pass, that INDY is distributed to stakers. (This 25 INDY is a protocol parameter that might end up changing before launch and can also be changed via vote.)


When will Indigo release/launch?

We’re aiming to launch in Q3 of 2022. This is subject to change depending on the development of Cardano’s smart contract platform.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized public proof of stake blockchain. It’s designed to be a flexible, sustainable and scalable platform for running decentralized applications such as Indigo.

Why launch on Cardano?

Because Indigo is expected to manage billions of dollars worth of assets, a well-researched, secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain is necessary. Cardano is the most suitable blockchain that meets the needs required for Indigo’s mission.


Why would I use Indigo?

You’d use Indigo if you wanted to profit from the price movement of a real world asset, or if you wanted to put your capital to work to earn additional income.

What’s the difference between centralization and decentralization?

Centralization means authority is controlled by a small group, such as a Government or corporation. Decentralization has authority spread across a community. An example of centralization is a bank that can control who can and cannot open an account. Indigo on the other hand is decentralized, since there’s no controlling power that can prevent somebody from using the platform.

Is there a fee associated with interacting with CDPs?

Yes, there’ll be a 1.5% fee for interacting with CDPs which will be distributed to INDY stakers. This is subject to change as the Indigo team researches different fee structures.


What is an iAsset?

An iAsset is an Indigo asset whose price replicates the price of a real-world asset.

What kinds of assets can be turned into iAssets?

Anything that has a real-world price can be turned into an iAsset.

How are the iAssets going to be traded?

iAssets can be traded using the Indigo app or any exchange that supports them, such as SundaeSwap.

Will ADA be used for collateral to mint iAssets?

ADA and other stablecoins such as Ardana’s dUSD and Djed can be used as collateral to mint iAssets.

How often do new iAssets get added?

New iAssets can be added at any time after they’re approved by Indigo community members who’re staking INDY tokens.


What is a synthetic asset?

An asset that has the same price effect as holding another asset is known as a synthetic asset. A synthetic asset’s price moves near-identically to the asset it’s replicating. This allows you to gain profit from the increase in price of an asset without owning the original asset itself.

What is a tokenized synthetic asset?

A tokenized synthetic asset is a synthetic asset that lives on a blockchain. In the case of Indigo this means synthetic assets (iAssets) living on Cardano.

What kinds of products can be turned into synthetics?

Anything that has a real world price can be turned into a synthetic asset.

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