Failed transactions on Indigo Protocol? due to contention against a UTxO?

when trying to interact with the Indigo Protocol my transactions have been failing to ‘build’ for a day or 3 now, when i do attempt a tx i get this message on my screen ‘An error has occurred: It seems there is some contention against a UTxO. Please refresh the page and try again for a successful transaction.’
Can anybody offer some insight?
the only other token in the wallet is iUSD & Ada
i made this wallet recently for using Indigo, there shoiuldnt be too many UTxO’s there

whats ,ore curious/confusing it appears mayb e the first half of the tx went through

that is the tx Id, i tried to withdraw some staked Indy, the transaction built successfully and i signed it and it appeared complete, the Ada left my wallet for this tx, but no Indy was ever recieved?
again any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

cheers, Josh

Two ways to fix it. One is send all items you have in the wallet to another. You can keep 2 or 3 assets. The second fix is send all to your wallet to reset everything and then transact.

This is incorrect for this type of issue

This transaction seems to indicate that you were trying to claim rewards. If you’d like help with a particular error then it’s best to open a support ticket. If you prefer to get help publicly on this Forum then you’ll need to provide screenshots of the Web App and explain exactly what you’re trying to do.