Extra 10% from iUSD MCR change to do to DAO owned SP positions

I propose the extra 10% ada collected at liquidations for iUSD go to building SP positions for the DAO. this ada would be used to open and maintaining a iUSD CDP position at 200% CR, with the resulting iUSD being deposited into the SP pool. Pool rewards would be periodically farmed and put back into the CDP.


Maybe it shouldn’t all of to SP positions. In general though this extra fee should go to the DAO where it can then be allocated to SP, LP, or any other action the DAO thinks appropriate. Currently there is no mechanism building up the DAO treasury. The treasury should be built up so that the DAO can increase the stability of its platform. The DAO participating in all these activities would further benefit Indy holders as they gain exposure to those assets and positions without having to hold or manage them themselves.


I support this idea. 2% liquidation rewards from a large, robust and stable ecosystem will outweigh 10% of an under performing one in the long run. An adjustment can always be made in the future once Indy has solidified it’s position in the Defi market.


I would vote against this. More rewards going to INDY holders would incentivize less sell-offs of the token, in turn stabilizing the value and increasing TVL.

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I agree with this second statement - building up a treasury that can be flexibly deployed to balance the ecosystem if/when its deemed appropriate by the dao.