Error adding iusd in stability pool

¡Hi everyone!

I traying to add iusd to the stability pool and i get this error
Couldn’t get tx output for (TransactionInput { index: 0u, transactionId: (TransactionHash (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “83916debd1f907ebb1c3d60e912f533ce565b5a1a68b8a9bfbb1d96c83b71131”)) })
Copy D,

Before this error i get the message “Defrag your wallet”
Any help for this

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i got the same error when attempting to deposit in to my cdps. im able to mint without issue
also got this when attempting to claim staking rewards. but eventually that worked after a couple of tries

kind of scary when you want to make a deposit to try to prevent your cdp from liquidation in volatile markets and it simply not working