Educational Smart Contract for: Airdrops, Charitable contributions, Introductions to new projects etc

I was considering how just giving people money if often not the way to spread wealth. There’s abuse, lack of education, there’s a temporal issue too (people loose their heads in a rush to spend before considering carefully). These musings, in conjunction with the MetAcademy, gave rise to the idea of an educational smart contract similar to what they use in the Plutus Pioneer Program.

2 examples:

A smart contract that releases airdropped $INDY to users once they complete a few steps on the block chain. examples of on chain activities could include:

  1. Minting an iAsset of a specific kind
  2. complete a quiz via the MetAcademy
  3. a vesting schedule
  4. staking the INDY for specific period
  5. etc.

A charity who becomes the beneficiary of an ADA donation would be required to perform a number of tasks:

  1. Do a course on MetAcademy
  2. Perform a swap on a dex using multisig
  3. Stake to a stakepool
  4. transact a specific amount to another address
  5. etc.

I’m sure there are may examples of things that can be done here. Then when these steps have been completed the smart contract executes and release the INDY or whatever token is used.

This ensures users are conversant with the concepts and the basics of what it takes to operate on the Cardano blockchain. It’ll go a long way to prevent unnecessary mistakes born of impulsiveness, desperation and lack of education.


I think this is a valid idea that should be considered seriously going forward. With so many projects launching and vying for attention, people are going a mile wide and an inch deep. This approach would help get someone deeper into the details and a better understanding of this project, and others. Great idea!


Agreed! The Cardano ecosystem is going to be HECTIC in a few months and there are going to be easily avoidable mistakes :grin:
Thank you!


I agree that people jump into Crypto and have no idea about the basics and education is key. The receipt of airdropped tokens should first be about creating a community and DAO. I would concentrate on education in these areas first (DAO) and then offer education in the process (staking, swapping, minting).


I agree with the idea. You have to try to create a commitment and make indigo known as much as possible. Other than taking the airdrop and running away.

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