Discord Status Guide

I recall someone mentioned a guide to how to obtain badges on the forum and I thought that was a great idea. I would also like to see on how to guide to how to obtain a status on the Indigo discord channel as well.

For example to obtain Guru status you must complete and pass the Indigo quiz online.


Click 3 lines on top right in this app, go to badges. All badges are explained.


Thanks! I’ve seen this I would just like more detail on certain badges or even a link/directions. Also, the badges with time is a variable, maybe a countdown or a meter bar that shows my progress would be helpful for me as well.

I included an example it’s for the Indigo discord but it’s easy to follow


Nothing explained about how to get them…

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I think some badges were only possible for actions done within a certain time frame, meaning not all badges would be possible to get anymore.

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When you click on the badge, it takes you to a paragraph explaining each badge.

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Click on the badge and it shows the information. If you have a badge a green check mark appears top left.

There are good instructions on how to achieve various badges on Discord. If you want to get the most recent Decentalizer badge you can do the following…
To receive the Decentralizer badge
Step :one:: Complete the Indigo Quiz to register your wallet address. If you’ve already completed the Indigo Quiz but would like to change your wallet address, you can reset the Quiz to re-enter a new address.
Step :two:: Add ADA to your wallet to ensure you have a non-zero balance.
Step :three:: Stake your wallet address to any CSPA pool. You can find a list of all qualified CSPA pools on adafolio and Cardano Stake Pool Explorer.

Best of luck to you.

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