Decentralizer badge

Maybe I missed something, how does to get the “DECENTRALIZER BADGE”? If I don’t have it am I eligible for the $INDY airdrop? I got all of this badge but except the DECENTRALIZER.


Btw I’m registering my wallet for the airdrop with my current public wallet that doesnt delegating to CSPA pool, but I got other wallets staking into CSPA pool. Can someone help me clearing my confusion?


Hey buddy; I think you are elegible for the airdrop, you only need luck to be in !!!
Regards !!


You can either change the staking pool of the wallet you used for the first part of the airdrop to one of the CSPA pools, or you can reset the Guru Quiz and leave an address of a wallet that is, as you claim, already staked in one of the CSPA pools.

And don’t worry, the change of address won’t affect your claim for the first airdrop. The address you left in the Guru Quiz has already been noted.

If you want more info on the matter, you can check the Indigo Discord server topic #read-me-first (there is a detailed description at the bottom).


Okay so here is all you need to know:-
Basically there are 2 airdrops.

For 1st- you had to vote for the first Governance Vote then link your Forum account to Discord and finally complete the Guru quiz. This is now closed with total 3490 members being eligible for it. Total of 175K INDY are reserved for this airdrop.

For the 2nd, the 1st step is to stake your wallet of one of pools from CSPA. Further steps, if any, will be announced subsequently. An additional 175K INDY are marked for this airdrop as well.

Taking the Guru quiz and submitting you address are optional and they will give you Guru and Decentralizer badge but they are not necessary for the 2nd airdrop.

If you are curious to know the list of CSPA stake pools, here it is-


Because my wallet that linked to the 1st aren’t delegating to the CSPA pool, but my other wallet delegating to CSPA pool but I don’t get the DECENTRALIZER badge because the wallet linked to the Quiz was the wallet that doesnt stake into CSPA pool. Am I still eligible for the CSPA delegators drop?

Appreciate your reply sir

Awesome reply! Thanks!