Dashboard view and filters for new v2 stuff

would be great to be able to filter more in the view of all the cdps now that v2 is here.
see total accumulated interest per iasset. and the total for the protocol as a whole.

to filter in the for cdps by highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

also there is no view of the total cdps value for each iassets. i would like to be able to see the history and current amount of cdps that are in iusd, ieth, ibtc

perhaps also some interactive rewards bank where you can see rewards queueing up to be distributed to stakers of indi. as there will be lots of new interest and fees paid out for mints, redemptions, closing cdps etc. we can see the total amount of fees being paid across the protocol.

also fees and interest will need to be captured for tax purposes so well need some sort of feed over to taptools or within indigo to track our historic cdp info, interest and fees.