Crypto Baskets and (Semi)Managed Funds

I saw the earlier thread on commodity baskets. Always a good idea, ETFs for example took TradFi by storm because they’re superior to what was out there before, and people really really wanted them. They also lower risk. There will be a demand for these in the cryptoverse too, if there isn’t already.

What I’ve yet to see done successfully is crypto baskets. The ability to invest in sectors or like tokens. If it has been done, it didn’t get the promotion it deserved. These will be huge one day, it’s just a matter of who can popularize them first. So many directions you can go with this too.

Going a level deeper, most people are terrible at investing, and would appreciate any assistance they can get. Managed funds will be a thing too. Even something as simple as having a general crypto fund that can manage risk in a sensible way is going to be multiples better than most people can do on their own. These can be passive/active, transparent/non-transparent, etc. A simple smart contract agreeing to the terms is all you would likely need to add on after the initial regulatory stuff is out of the way. For example, lot of trading platforms offer copy-trading, etc, I don’t think the regulatory end of this is as spooky as people make it out to be.

If the blockchain can offer Forex (it does), which is the most regulated market on the planet, the rest is a lot easier to pull off.

These managed funds do multi-trillions of dollars in the TradFi world. The majority of people in crypto are still overwhelmed by the market, and would welcome something like this.

Any questions, feel free to reach out. This is pretty much what I do.


Hey man! When we talked before you mentioned these crypto baskets were not primarily crypto, but tokenized traditional currencies? Is this correct? And would you mind elaborating on these basket’s contents? Thanks!


Pretty sure Enzyme Finance (MLN) offer something like this.


James: They certainly can be, but if there’s an easier route, then take it. You can absolutely add currencies in too for downside protection. But for example, this can be done via classic stablecoin, a multi like Djed, or a hand-made selection of currency-specific tokens like TCAD, TSGD, or whatever else is out there. If it’s on the blockchain already, I would see less need to go out and make things anymore difficult than they need to be.

Billy: That’s actually really great news if they do. Shows that it is certainly possible. Let them pioneer and take all the initial risk so Indigo can come in and take over. And also allows competitors to sit back and see what’s working and what’s not so we can do it better. Not to mention --we’re on Cardano, and they’re not!