Creation of iLQ iAsset

Hi! Based on recent events within the Cardano community it has become more apparent that certain protocol users would like the option to long/short native Cardano assets without having to rely on 3rd party lending applications, I believe this could be a good opportunity to test the waters with a more unconventional iAsset compared to iUSD, iBTC/iETH. Therefore I think it would be a suitable proposal to consider the listing of an iLQ iAsset on the Indigo Protocol.


What could go wrong?

Would be a nice test case asset

I think we should focus on Assets that are not available within the chain.


For sure if we have to carefully pick and choose individual assets to list I would agree that real world or assets not found on Cardano should be prioritized, just thought given the recent decline in price of LQ and it’s extremely high FDV that it would be a prime unconvential asset for long/shorting.

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In my opinion it is way to early and imature to ad LQ. The focus should be on more mature and stable assets that are not available within the Cardano ecosystem such as Ethereum or Euro for example.


Indigo doesn’t even have sufficient liquidity on DEXes to support the two original assets at launch (iUSD and iBTC), discussion of other assets should follow once better liquidity is established on these assets first. This is incredibly immature and fundamentally based on personal gripe with the project.


Was definitely intended to be a more light hearted heat of the moment joke but understandably making the temperature check was too far, I’ll take it down anyway. Obviously when the first iAsset pairs have no liquidity and we don’t even have iETH yet we’re weeks if not months away from new listings.


It’s not necessary to fuel conflict imo


No iLQ this will hurt the Cardano Community as a whole. We need to focus on assets off chain or real world like igold or isilver.


I think it’s so early. Let’s wait more time.


only 1.8% $LQ in circulation. Is this asset not too risky atm? If someone dump/manipulate everyone will be Liqwidated on their iLQ. Or am I wrong?


That is a huge issue. You will have to hope that everyone has enough collateral to cover the price difference. Lets say we created a iFTT that had a 90% drop would have been great for everyone that had high collateral in the stability pool but horrible for those that got liquidated and held the iasset. This issue, if you do the math. Someone has to lose money for someone to make money. Someone in a liquidity pool has to lose ada for you to gain ada. I myself would never take that risk and make an iasset to put in a pool with that much volatility. That is why i agree with igold or isilver. Something that is not a fiat and based on a government.


I believe that the Cardano Ecosystem needs things like igold and isilver to help stabilize the ecosystem. If we only focus on crypto based iassets it can hurt the community with a lot of volatility.


I was trying to point that one out as well. Venture into expansion should be carefully introduced with relative proves instead of head on gamble with this amazing protocol.

Yes this is very good, we need more tokenized assets, forward Indigo.

i agree seems like focusing on off chain assets is the point here. maybe later down the line or something.

Why replicate an asset that’s already on-chain?
It wouldn’t be unreasonable for the LQ team to claim that launching a synthetic LQ reduces demand for LQ, thus putting more net selling pressure on LQ.

It’s better to focus on off-chain assets like ETH, Euro, gold/silver, crude oil, etc.

would prefer to see the iruble and i eur in example first. and what about some commodities too?