Create INDY-ADA liquidity pool on WR, as they have significant iAssets liquidity pools

Currently, Wingriders counts as one of the DEX, where iAssets have the deepest liquidity pools, to be specific, listing TVL of various pools:
DJED-iUSD - 323k USD
ADA-iUSD - 4,42M USD
ADA-iETH - 644k USD
ADA-iBTC - 478k USD

Yet, there is almost no liquidity for INDY-ADA pool. WR could be one stop place for everyone that wants to swap iAssets or provide liquidity. Let’s discuss if it wouldn’t be sufficient to adjust liquidity pools on different DEXes and deploy some liquidity to WR as well.


Most of WR liquidity is provided by their VC, it is not necessarily an indication of community support . Anyone is welcome to provide liquidity there. Unfortunately the DAO is unable to move the treasury liquidity even if we wanted to.