Create a new incentive for Indy token and CDPs

I see that there are many people concerned with the impact of Indy inflation in the token price, so I suggest we create a new incentive for buying Indy and to create more CDPs. We could add a fee discount for liquidations (example 25% discount). Because all liquidations are not manual we must add Indy locked in a smart contract to receive the discount. If possible we could also use the indy locked in governance.
A secondary problem would be not having sufficient Indy locked for the whole fee (could be because Indy/Ada price dropped), so we must be able to accept partial fee in Indy and the rest used from collateral in ADA, while giving discount proportional to the Indy used.

This would create a new incentive to add more CDPs while also making Indy holders happy. Also the ADA rewards would be partially “converted” to Indy.