Closing Stability Pools and CDPs

Can someone please list the steps for closing stability pools and CDPs. I’ve read the Indigo Docs but am still having trouble. Do pools have to be closed before CDPs? I don’t understand everything clear enough to go forward.

Hi @copace1, hope you’re well.
It seems to have a misunderstanding here about the functioning of stability pools and CDPs. They are not directly linked, in the sense that you need a CDP to have a stability pool account. In fact, you can buy the iAssets from a dex and deposit the iAsset within their stability pool with no problem. So, in this case, you have a stability pool account, but not a CDP.

If I understood what you said, it seems you did open a CDP for an iAsset and you deposited that iAsset within the corresponding stability pool. If that is the case, and if you want to close your CDP you have two options:
1- You can withdraw the iAsset from the stability pool, and use the iAsset to pay your debt and close the CDP. By doing this, you close your stability pool account AND close your CDP.
2- You can buy the iAsset from a dex, pay your debt and close your CDP. By doing this you still keep your stability pool account AND you close your CDP.

Let me know if still need help.