Clarification neded: DEX engagement strategy?

It seems that the DEXs to work with, and their priority order, has been unilateryally decided by the team:

  1. Minswap
  2. Sundaeswap
  3. Wingriders

For instance the first DEX on Cardano (that has recently created a lot of buzz) Muesliswap was just left out without explanation. Is this really community-led decision making?


DEXs were chosen based on requests from the community. Unfortunately for MuesliSwap, there were very few people from the community requesting for them to be supported. Nothing against them, just the other three were more heavily requested. Liquidity isn’t unlimited, so only a few can be selected. That’s why there is even an order of preference. If there is lots of liquidity, three DEXs will be utilized. If there’s less liquidity, only two DEXs will be utilized.

It’s up to the community to decide how much liquidity to provide. The community is also free to create liquidity for whatever DEXs desired.


Thanks for your reply. There was some banter about Muesliswap in January-Febuary-March already, back when it was still nothing but an orderbook DEX. Anyway, I was kinda hoping there would be a more formal governance decision regarding these kinds of things but perhaps that’s only possible once the governance token has been launched and distributed. :slight_smile:

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We need a fair distribution policy and whale control


Looks to me it’s all the team making centralised decision and the community isn’t getting a fair distribution this way! Very disappointed in the project! The community needs to have a evenly distribution of the tokens

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The decisions have been far from centralized. The community has been involved every step of the way. It’s an unfortunate reality that some DEXs simply aren’t popular. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good or don’t add value, it means that the community chooses one over another.

If your favorite DEX didn’t make the cut, you’re always welcome to create liquidity on the DEX yourself. After launch it’ll be entirely up to the community to create new liquidity.

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I didn’t mention anything about dexes on cardano they are all trying to give the ecosystem options so that there is no centralised entity! Respect to them!

What a lot of people are concerned about which you and the team have ignored and made your own decisions is regarding the way indigo is doing there bootstrap event which only encourages bad actors and exit liquidity which minswap did and said they wish they did the distribution better because the price wouldn’t have dumped like that and more tokens would have gone to more community members because whales controlled the majority of supply from the get go!

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We’ve considered all feedback from the community and have made what we believe is the best decision for Indigo. The Indigo Fair Launch is designed to prevent whale manipulation. Thank you for your feedback. I hope that even though we disagree on this particular matter that you’ll continue to support Indigo in the future.

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Again you said it, it’s you guys that made the decision. Which benefit vc’s which isn’t any different from centralised. Anyway it’s you guys project. Who am I to voice community concerns

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Looks like there’s some confusion here, so I will try and explain to clear this up for you.

As you know, Indigo has been committed to a Fair Launch since day1. With that, there would be no realistic way for the community to acquire sufficient liquidity of the token without an LBE type of process on top of an airdrop. Minswap is the only DEX with such a solution at this time. We have been working with the others as well to help them with ideation of similar solutions so that the entire ecosystem can benefit from a fair distribution and price discovery event if that is the aim of a particular project, such as it is with Indigo.

I’m also not sure what substantiates your concern about VC’s as there are no pre-launch VC’s for Indigo? If there were early investors the price would have been determined in a centralized manner and that’s the exact reason why the LBE process was chosen. It’s the fairest and most community-driven process that serves early liquidity issues and does not involve any price setting by the team whatsoever. It’s completely hands off at that point.

I hope this helps you understand the actual process a bit more now :handshake:


Fair enough thank you

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Hey Tomi, there were some other DEXs that could have been considered, such as Cardax, Adax, Muesli etc etc. but Mins, Sundae and WR were the overwhelming community favorites. We sure hope to see all of them not only fully functional, but fully supported in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Appreciate you supporting us along the way and expressing any concerns you may have. We’ll do our very best to explain things and alleviate those concerns as it’s very common to have misunderstandings or misinterpretations of some elements. This is why we are as transparent and communicative as we have historically been.

All in all, these are such early days of building on Cardano and we really do strive to do everything we can to put Indigo in the best position to be a community-driven success that aligns with the ethos of Cardano. Hang in there with us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for clearing that up!

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As MrGlint pointed out the whales are feasting on the fish market of a very narrow sea.

How about listing Indigo on CEX is that a possibility in foreseeable future ?