CDP Withdrawl malfunction

Hello everybody! So I have been having a very frustrating issue with the indigo CDP protocol. I have opened CDP’s for all three iAssets, and the issue has occurred on all three occasions. When I go to burn my minted tokens (in this case it was iETH) the protocol always leaves a microscopic remainder, making it impossible to withdraw the remaining collateral (which in this case is 120 Ada). I had the same issue with iUSD. I have lost nearly 200 Ada to this problem. At this point it seems as though the CDP protocol is either broken, or being manipulated in order to provide to the liquidity pool. The total debt amount owed for my iETH is 0.0013, i minted this exact amount in order to attempt to mitigate the issue by burning after the initial collateral was withdrawn, however the same issue persists, and I am left with a microscopic amount of iETH that the protocol does not even register when prompted to burn.

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Did you put your minted iAssets into Stability pools?