CDP doesn't appear in my NAMI wallet

I opened a CDP using a Nami wallet but the CDP doesn’t appear when I open the wallet. What could I be doing wrong?


Could you give a bit more information? What did you mint? iUSD or iBTC? Did you do anything with it after or just mint it (creating the CDP). If you have too much trouble I’d be happy to help you look at your trx on chain to see what actually happened.


No thanks. There are scammers out there who would take advantage of people and steal from them. Did u know that? Be careful!

sure do. you asked a ? in a DAO forum and I offered help w the trx hash. im well known here for detailed responses and thought out discourse. gl to you

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Best thing you can do is restore that wallet with Eternl wallet. I was testing Indigo with Nami and is some tricky.

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CDPs are not shown within Nami, they’re shown within the Indigo Web App

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Thanks for the response. I guess I was confused bc (what I believe to be) a CDP appeared in my Eternl wallet.
I also minted iUSD and that didn’t show up in my Nami wallet either. Not sure what happened to that.
I’ve since deserted Nami. I’m all Eternl now.

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Sorry, Jay. I’ve been scammed and am there wary. Thanks for your offer.

I think I finally figured it out.
iAssets disappear from a wallet when they are staked.
To make iAssets appear in a wallet:
1 Go to Stability Pools
2 Click Manage on the iAsset in question (eg- iUSD)
3 Click Withdraw and withdraw the iAsset. This frees the iAsset from the Stability Pool and puts it into the wallet.
I believe a CDP appears when iAssets are staked.
NOTE: Once iAssets are unstaked, they are available to pay off debt and free collateral.
Glad I figured it out. Indigo is a great platform but I feel the documentation could explain that unstaking iAssets makes them available for paying off debt and freeing collateral. Buying iAssets is not the only way to have them available to free collateral.

Hope this helps others.