CDP Deposit View. Adding features to foresee options

When you go to add a new deposit to an existing cdp you will see a window pop up on the right showing the new collateral ratio, debt, collateral, and liquidation price.

Would be great to see what I would be able to max withdraw, or mint given the new deposit. This would help me to see some of the options I have for my new deposit before I commit to adding the ada to the cdp.

A couple of potential new features would help.
What would be the mint if the cdp went down to 175% given the new deposit. or at 155% or 195%
What would the new fee be to close my cdp given the new deposit.
What would my max withdrawal be given the new deposit.

Being able to see this before I make a new deposit would be very helpful.

Cheers to a great 2024

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I don’t understand what you mean with that.

Close Fee ( withdrawal) is 2% of collateral and TX fee

This depends on your debt position and type of iAsset. Max withdrawal is by closing CDP and easy visible under “Collateral”.
It somehow does not make sense to deposit and wanting to withdraw (with 2% fee) at same moment or am I wrong?

thanks for your read on this. i agree the first move after a deposit should not be a withdrawal. its probably best if we can give a warning against a withdrawal immediately after a deposit.

The typical move when doing a new deposit would be a mint, then it would be more useful to see the max withdrawal at that point, after a potential new mint.
So it would be like a mini simulation or receipt of what you are looking at given the new deposit and a variety of mints at 155, 175,190%

said in another way, the feature would be to show a hypothetical mint window when you type in a new deposit value so you can see how much you would be able to mint or withdraw given the new deposit and a variety of minting scenarios

of course we know the fee is 2% but we dont really get to see it for a new deposit. think most investors like to have number in front of them so they dont have to think about it or calculate it, or make a silly mistake. the more info the better.