Cdp asset movements and householding my cdps

it would be great to be able to maximize my cdp collateral.

i have a couple of cdps and in different wallets.
some are close to the redemption ratio and others are over collateralized. it would be interesting to be able to combine my cdps, move collateral between cdps or household my cdps together so my over collateralized positions can help even out my under collateralized positions. in the end i have a total debt amount and total collateral amount, so the separation between cdps and wallets is really under my own custody.

i could see an issue that some cdp owners would potentially rent out their cdps to help collateralise a third party

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Siloed CDP vs cross margined, definitely something that cross our minds as well.
However being cross margined there will be difference as to how parameters impact the position.

For example, it wouldn’t be exactly easy just think of it as your iusd being redeemed when you prefer ibtc/ieth being redeemed as they will face the same universal redemption ratio.

With V2, there is no collateral fee, so you are already free to adjust the collateral between various CDPs.


yes its an issue, would have to prioritize the cdps, perhaps i could select which assets get redeems before others, or which CDP get redeems based on total ada collateral. but i can see how this can be problematic or fuzzy. Thanks for your read on this Solitude, always appreciate your perspective

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