Cardano DeFi is number one

These platforms are bringing my financial sovereignty across the world, if only the world knew what was boiling in our digital ecosystem :sweat_smile:


this is going be like beginning of internet on steroids, so happy to be here…


It will take time and patience. But many of us agree that Cardano is the future.


Totally agree…if you see Cardano from earlier to right now…no shutdown…and the ecosystem is getting bigger and bigger…you better watch out…this is the future in my opinion…the latest generation of crypto


It is noteworthy that even under significant strain Cardano didn’t break. This has been built to handle the global economic system. Indigo, ADAX, Maladex Genius Yield, Meld, GOKey are noteworthy and more to come. I think with the growth of World Mobile in Africa, and hopefully more out reach in Latin America and APAC many people will be on boarded and receive utility from these systems. Now… if we could just get these pesky governmental types to get on board with regulation that isn’t crippling, it would all take off. In terms of block chain utility and performance, Cardano is an easy choice. This is a generational change that will shake up how we interact with the world.


We’ll have to see! :smiley:

peer reviewed, built to last.

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I agree would become number. As long as the development is fast and stable. No more late, and forking successfull, if all going well people will see that cardano has an interesting ecosystem. But cardano has many enemies i think…price action is bad…1 year ago and now, price is decrease…

Cardano, it appears, will not get respect from the mainstream until it’s superiority is unquestionable. It is not in the cool crowd of VC controlled blockchains like ETH or BTC.
There are very few whales in the Cardano ecosystem. And, from what time understand, the big-money guys don’t like what they can’t control.
That said, I think Cardano will be an unstoppable juggernaut, and will pass all of its competitors in market cap to be the number 1 blockchain technology in the world.


Absolutely. You are speaking facts.

I am so excited for this protocol and so many other’s on Cardano! #TokenizedEverything

Tokenization is the future, everything gains more value when shared and one way to share is tokenization, example: A shared car if tokenized becomes easier to share.