Balance Insufficient Error Message?

Hi! I’m new on Indigo and I have some trouble with an Error message. Maybe someone knows something about it. Everytime I try to claim my Ada from the stability pool OR creating a CDP I get the same message:

(BalanceInsufficientError (Expected (PlutusValue (Map [(Tuple (CurrencySymbol (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “”)) (Map [(Tuple (TokenName (hexToRawBytesUnsafe “”)) fromString “30042”)]))]))) (Actual (PlutusValue (Map []))) (InvalidInContext (PlutusValue (Map []))))

Can somebody help me with that issue? Thank you very much in advance!

Problem solved! If someone has the same problem: There were not enough ADA on the wallet because I had everything in the stability pool. I can’t see the reason why I couldn’t redeem my rewards because there were still 18 ADA left but obviously that was the problem. As soon as I put some more on everything worked fine!