Are there any assets which will be whitelisted before the Launch of Protocol

I have thinking about this all the time while reading about this project. I thing it the time to ask.

  1. Are any Real world Asset or iAssets whitelisted Now are you still working on it.

  2. Will any asset be whitelist before the launch of the protocol.

  3. If yes to point 2 , they how will you do that and on what basis are you going to do that.

  4. If yes to point 1, what are those assets.


We have an internal whitelist of iAssets that the protocol will be launching with. We’re not disclosing the full list right now because it’s subject to change and we have to ensure all regulatory matters are taken care of.

The official whitelist itself lives within the protocol, so cannot exist until launch of the protocol. After launch anybody will be able to propose any type of iAsset. If voted for by the community then that iAsset will be supported by Indigo.


But can you give us an idea of the composition? Like 50% crypto 50% stocks (what kinds of stocks are we talking about). We want just to understand and see where your thoughts are going.


100% digital assets. There will be no stocks at launch.


thank you for clarifying this.


This might be a dumb question but are you talking about possible commodities as iassets? Or what would be an example without giving away any thing?

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Yes, we are. This isn’t likely something we’ll launch with but it’s something that could be voted into by the community.

Soft commodity based iAssets could be very useful in creating an inflation hedged portfolio. Some examples are to take some basic materials that are used to make everyday goods, like flour, soy, orange juice concentrate, etc.

Hard commodities that are mined like heavy metals are entirely possible to support too, if the community deems it to be valuable.


This would be very advantageous and not something that is being done yet. At least not that I know of

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I am forecasting that two of these asseswill be BTC and ADA. Lol


How to mint commodity to become iAssets? Do we need to make collateral from digital assets?

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iAssets can be borrowed against collateral


Could you add Gold and Silver ASAP…. They are so important and if we can Delta Neutral them like on Terra Mirror it will be fantastic


I can see the benefit of iBTC on the Cardano blockchain but why would you want to own iADA when you can just own ADA? Am I missing something?


I think I have just answered my own question after a little more rooting around the forum! Thanks to @defiroose for the following:
“This is the same case as to why iADA may be useful in addition to ADA. The synthetic and the real asset serve different purposes. The synthetic asset isn’t real, and it’s because of this non-realness that you can start to do more cool things with it that’s not possible with the real asset itself.”


It’s all about giving you options. You might not want to use a specific iAsset, and that’s fine. For those who do want to use it the option will be there. iAssets can be used simply as a way to gain exposure to something you otherwise can’t gain exposure to, or they can be used as a building block for a more complex trading strategy.