Another way to stop people from dumping the tokens just after the airdrop

With all the discussion abou the method of airdrop and the ways to stop people from dumping the tokens just after airdrop, why not airdrop tokens in linear manner. So say someone is eligible for 100 tokens, then airdrop only 25 tokens initially in the first round. Then in the next round drop another 25 tokens only if the wallet is still holding previous tokens and so on. If someone sell his tokens, he will not get balance amount of airdrop.


They could also do a vesting period for people who have been air dropped as well. I think it’ll be interesting to see which direction and approach they take with distribution and who qualifies. The air drop announcement has definitely increased community presence.


If another token can be created just for the airdrop, let’s call it INDYx. Which can be used to provide liquidity on the Indigo protocol and generate yield too. It will be 1:1 with INDY token but the exchange function will be disable until about 6-9 months. It will help to increase the TVL and people make yields from it with dumping.


Good idea
I don’t think may at all sold their LQ airdrop I noticed a few sold very early on. I’m sure the numbers are well over 900 wallets still hold the 193 LQ.


This protocol offers Stake LP Tokens, they could give the airdrop tokens, we could put this one on stake and it couldn’t go to the market after the airdrop.


I think the idea of ​​releasing the token for stake or farm, and leaving it locked only for sale for a certain time. This makes people able to see the advantage of holding it. But this advantage must exist, otherwise after time there will be an eviction.


I think it’s a good idea to have early community distribution, prior to players with large capital such as trad fi coming in and potentially being able to dominate the governance by means of the size of their market positions and game the asset / market creation processes


Cool idea, it’s a way of giving the tokens to the people who want them


Is people dumping their airdrops such a problem? Are there sources (for example lq)?


I think it will works in some perspective, so I want to add an idea.
While airdropping linearly just as you proposed in the post, it will be good to provide many other contents to contribute more for the project, and add the amount of future airdrop remains for those contributors.


Airdrop linearly for how long? I think the airdrop itself has purpose too. So I’m worried that there is some possibilty that the airdrop won’t function as intended to.


Another idea is to force a 25% tax for selling your reward tokens for the first 30 days. I saw this recently with Minswap (it wasn’t the token itself but LP). Worth consider in the case of at-launch-reward


A simple but effective solution! I’m in favour of similar strategies, like LP tokens for some period of time too :+1::blush:


LQ isn’t a fair comparison because they airdropped well before the protocol. At this point the testnet isn’t even out. People are bound to hold because they want to participate in the protocol.

Indigo on the other hand is proposing an at-launch or post-launch airdrop. Presumably there will be some who immediately sell off their airdrop, especially if the protocol is already well into its vesting schedule. That’s only a bad thing if that isn’t an expected outcome from a fair launch.


People need to understand that a well-founded project is for the long term. I am happy to be here and even happier to read these proposals. Congratulations to everyone!


Hi Anton,

I like this idea of creating a INDYx that can be provided solely to provide liquidity to Indigo. In order for the protocol to survive this is essential by providing liquidity. Lock up the original Indy token for a period of 6-9 months so it’s not tradeable. I think Minswap did something similar and air drop their people Mint tokens that provide more yields for their Min tokens.


I agree that the vesting period could be viable so people dont just sell off all of their INDY tokens in 1 shot. That being said, there will definitely be those that are in just to make a quick profit, so what we can target is to minimize price impact by both including a short vesting period and stepped rewards(i.e. segmented airdrops to community members based on a variety of factors which I presume is what the team is planning to do).


Incentives like staking and yield farming should be good encouragement for ppl not to sell it instantly


Personally, Pre-launch airdrops seem to be heavily influenced by marketing.
As a result, strong community bonds and technical skills of users and project teams seems to be essential.
And, in addition, the convenience of UI should be also important example.


Yes, a mix of vesting with incentives like staking/yf will help and build and strengthen the community’s “we’re in it together” mentality.