Another step for the first airdrop

Only 1186 third tribe who has voted role have voted in the first temp check vote I think we should add another step like who participate in 5 temp check vote to be eligible for airdrop. What do you think?


Sounds like a good idea. I would not make it necessary to participate in every vote though.

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Interesting thought! Looking at it from another perspective, adding more criteria to further narrow down who may be eligible would significantly increase the number of tokens received per recipient by lessening the number of wallets that are eligible. There are pros and cons to this. Such as a more narrow net of distribution, causing larger bag holders from the start which isn’t necessarily ideal.


Where can we see this information


See temp check poll bro

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go back to the initial vote. i think it was around the 23rd of feb.

I don’t really like the idea of putting conditions in retrospect (it doesn’t seem right to me to make a step mandatory that can no longer be fulfilled). I know that it is real that there is a percentage of people who are only meeting the conditions to get the token, but there are others who are not and that is not always avoidable. There is also the decentralization factor.