Adjusting the Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR) for iUSD to 130%

Here you can cast your vote to adjust iUSD MCR to 130%..

  • Yes.
  • No.
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Personally I believe that this proposal will lead to nothing other than a minimal initial impact that can last until the next ADA pump. All it takes is for ADA to make a +5/10% and it would not be necessary to use CDPs to maintain the same ratio. The largest CDPs, i.e. those who have sold really large quantities of iUSD causing the peg to lose $1, all have ratios above 300% so nothing will change for them and they will have no reason to buy back iUSD to fix the ratio.


In my opinion this proposal will not fix the problem of iusd peg, nothing will change for the wales that have dump it iusd because they have a safe ratio above 300%

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