Addition of iXRP

Dear Indigo Community,

Indigo Protocol is currently offering the tokenized version of the 3 most traded assets , namely BTC, ETH and USD. In order to bring more exposure to Cardano holders to non-Cardano native assets, the more logical way forward is to start exploring major token projects in a decentralized way. The risk associated with centralized exchanges and increased demand in self-custody of assets combined with the risk associated with bridges / cross-chain bridges makes clear that having access to non-Cardano asset on the Cardano network is essential to keep the security and decentralization of the network on top of enjoying the crypto market as one would do on a regular centralized exchange. On top, this would allows Indigo to bring awareness and diversify its portfolio.

I already proposed the addition of iBNB and iMATIC as a first step and now, I would like to propose the addition of iXRP. This addition aligns with Indigo roadmap to extend its iAssets suite.

I am looking forward for your valuable comment, no matter the direction they will go.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


After the sec case is completely ended this will be a hot asset assuming Ripple wins with no caveats


I would say that this centraliced iAssets addition could be good to, as you say have a exposure to their price without the existence of security risks.


WEN PROPOSAL!!! :star_struck: I think it is about time to revisit this idea. As well as other tokens… im not gonna joke about it but iADA is on my mind now @EC_ATX pre Bull

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I agree about iXRP, we should work to have it added to the Indy ecosystem now that the court has confirmed it is not a security.

This is a good idea Mike ! I would also add iLTC to complete the indigo Infinite gauntlet.