Adding Indigo to Staking

I currently have Indigo staked but would like to add more that I have already purchased…when I try to add it…Build gets a check then 2 Balance goes red and (an error has occurred: Could Not Get Collateral) pops up? Please advise thank you in advance for your help​:raised_hands:t4::bangbang:

Do you have collateral set in your wallet? What wallet are you using?

To set collateral in etrnl click on the wallet and activate the account you are trying to use. Click on settings and then make sure collateral is turned on. If not do your collateral tx, wait for it to go through, and then ctrl + f5 the indigo page.

Try again and see if this resolves the issue

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THANK YOU​:bangbang::raised_hands:t4: I feel so dumb!!! I created a new wallet just for this and totally forgot to set collateral in the wallet and was looking all through the Indigo site to try to find something to do with collateral…silly THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE REPLY!!! :slight_smile:

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Hooray, glad it was helpful! We are all here to help each other and make this protocol the best in class in all of crypto. Have an awesome day :smiley: