Adding features to stability pool

To add a features to see in my Stability Pool view that would really help me navigate my investments and measure risk and gains.

  1. To see how much my iasset stake has declined in my stability pool since inception

  2. To see how much iasset I could get for swapping stability pool rewards at the current market rate.

  3. Show how much extra ADA I would need to cover the iasset debt in my CDP given my current stability pool stake. (CDP iasset Debit balance - Staked iasset value= remaining iasset needed to close cdp) This would be helpful to see but in ADA terms as rewards from the stability pool are in ADA

This way I can see how much extra ADA I would need in order to cover my CDP debit if I am staking my CDP debit in a stability pool to receive more ADA

Or to see if the ADA rewards Im getting from the stability pool stake will cover my Original iasset stake given the decline in staked iasset value and current market prices/swapping my rewards for iasset at current rates.