ADA DAO Treasury Delegation and Stake Pool Performance

Hi everyone!

This is Giovanni EASY1 Stake Pool Operator. I am delighted to see that the on-chain governance vote about delegating Indigo ADA Dao Treasury to my Stake Pool has passed!

This vote marks an important milestone for the Indigo DAO and their community as it established the collaboration and support of the protocol towards community pools. This is obviously a win-win situation that will benefit both parts overtime.

The EASY1 Stake Pool is one of the OGs pool. With almost 4 years of life (it was established in late October 2020), and over 5m of ada delegated, the EASY1 Stake Pool has a great 3.35% Lifetime ROS, over 1 million ada paid in rewards and more that 2000 blocks minted.

All the pool statistics are available in pooltool: Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.

In the past year, in order to maximise transparency, I’ve also started publishing the so-called leader logs, that is the number of blocks assigned to the pool at each epoch, so to demonstrate that the pool is ran properly.

Each :star: represents a perfect epoch, i.e. an epoch were all the blocks were correctly minted. For the couple of epochs w/o star, a block was lost in a so-called slot battle, which are completely and totally normal. Such battle have usually a 50/50 chance, in fact, the pool has a perfect balance between won and lost. Just like any other Stake Pool.

I will continue publishing such leader logs at each epoch, so I invite you all to keep an eye for these stats on my twitter profile: pr by checking the pooltool website.

Last but not the least the EASY1 Stake Pool is happy to welcome any new delegates. As an incentive, the pool, that is part of the Single Stake Pool Alliance, performs a multi-token airdrop via tosidrop. The following tokens are currently airdropped at the end of every epoch: WMT, HOSKY, FLDT, SNEK.

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Posted this message in discord as well and will cross post here. I didn’t realize you were also part of the SSPA. As you might recall, we did our ILE (initial liquidity event) with the “DAO Kickstart” campaign in a collaboration with these SPO’s to help drive further delegation to these mission critical stake pools. I’m glad to see that Indigo will continue its support for the cause here!

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Hey couple of quick questions and no rush in replying coz I know you guys are super buys but:

  1. does the DAO wallet exist already?
  2. can you share the address?
  3. when are you planning to delegate it?

Thanks in advance