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Hi Indigo Team,

Can you please share the links to learn more about this project and technical plans so that we can learn. And can participate in this Technical Discussions actively , When ever theirs a new update.??

cc: The reason why i am asking here to post is it will help my peers as well. Thanks for doing so!!!


Hello there, we post our weekly technical updates in discord and on twitter. We can consider cross-posting them here as well if there is an automated option to do so!


read whitepaper :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply if possible please do it.!!!


Can you please share the link !!!


The info videos created by Defi-Dan are great resources for anybody who wants to stack up on knowledge about Indigo. These are in Youtube and below is one of it:


You can ape in on these videos to learn more, and subscribe to the channel for any more new ones


*** link to whitepaper ***


*** link to yellowpaper ***


I found some youtube links in the Discord posted by a member there. Good content to watch


I have some doubts in the white paper.

Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 10.03.20 PM

What does the parameters in the equation means . I know “The collateral ratio cr at any given time is the ratio of the collateral value over the minted
amount value” But what are the remaining parameters stands for?

  1. In the paper you mention that the asset pair should have over collateralization , can you please tell me the what is the over-collateralization ratio one has to maintain to stay unliquidated. Are you thinking about the ratio or did you have fixed any value?

  2. what is the different between Indigo and the others when creating an Asset
    example: In the paper you have taken the example of iBTC , in the cardano anetaBTC is also providing this. What make you different from them in this process ?

Thank for providing the paper. I liked you project and looking forward for your mainnet launch and for interacting with the community.


Thank you for the questions.

The yellow paper goes into deeper mathematical detail than does the whitepaper, so that’s worth taking a look at if you haven’t already.

  • pc is the price of the collateral asset
  • pm is the price of the minted asset
  • am is the total minted amount of the CDP (collaterized debt position)
  • ac is the locked collateral amount of the CDP

The over-collaterization ratio by default is 150%. However this variable can be set per iAsset and is configurable via governance. So for a particularly volatile iAsset this value could be set higher in order to reduce liquidations.

anetaBTC is a great project that I’m very excited about for the Cardano ecosystem. anetaBTC is creating a different type of asset than the synthetic assets Indigo creates. anetaBTC locks up real BTC and then creates an asset on the Cardano blockchain. This is a real represetation of the BTC. If you’re familiar with Ren for the Ethereum blockchain then it’s like that, but for Cardano (slighlty different in implementation but comparable).

Indigo’s iBTC will be different than anetaBTC in that it’s not a real representation but merely an asset that mimics the price action of BTC. Owning iBTC will not be equivalent to owning BTC, whereas anetaBTC will be. The two have different use cases and many may actually prefer to use anetaBTC over iBTC because in many cases owning a real asset is preferable over owning a synthetic asset.

anetaBTC is made possible because BTC is a crypto asset. Indigo can create synthetics of crypto assets but its real power and appeal comes from creating synthetics of real-world assets in a completely decentralized manner. This isn’t possible using anetaBTC.

Let me know if this clears up your questions or if you have any more doubts.


Thank for you detailed explanation.

I haven’t read the yellow paper. Now I will look in to it for the detailed understand, Thanks once again for detailed over view and explaining the differences of the two BTC’s.


Here are other Youtube links that cover Indigo Protocol that I’ve searched. Outside of the great content already on Indigo Labs’ channel, below are some more content to binge on, with varied formats (Discussions, individual reviews, and some interviews with EC and DC)


Great explanation. I always had issues getting to know about DeFi, simple explanation about synthetic assets.


Just join twitter and discord. News about every new development is posted there. And offcourse this forum.

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Indigo Development Updates are now being posted automatically to Discord, reddit and this forum.


I agree with tecnhical here, could be more useful, example in forum informations is more clean.


I keep a close eye on the announcement channel in discord for technical updates and interviews

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